||.. This person I know ..||

In life you meet so many people. You try and judge them but how they act when they are with you. You try to know them by their favorites, their hobbies, and how the schooling ligfe was. 

But one fine night, a conversation after mid night changes everything you ever thought about them. Their attitude, their fake smiles, you get to know how they predent to be happy, jumping around like there is no low in their life. You get to know how sad is it to life their life. 

Sometimes you don’t get it, the person who’s smiling 24×7 can be the one who’s breaking inside every damn second. The family issues, the one sided love, the financial issues, the suicidal thoughts. Every damn thing aches , just if you see deep in their eyes. How they control the tears. How they fake the smiles and laughters. 

Be kind. Please, just be kind to everyone. You never know who is going through a Strom. Your one word could hurt them so deep inside that you might end up being the reason they cry at night.  Just be kind. 😺


||.. He Really Did .. ||

He loved her, he really did but for some reason he never told her instead asked her to stay away from him. She always wondered why he did that. He always showed up when she needed him. He was there when she was sad. He always cheered her up. But for some reason he never admitted that he lived her.
Once he stopped talking to her, all of a sudden leaving her to wonder what wrong did she do that made him run away from her. He never showed up for the next few months. Until she lost her of him ever returning back to her.


He came back after months. And instead of being angry all she did was tell him how miserable her days were without him. He said he had to deal with some  crisis so was away from her because he didn’t want to hurt her. She was in tears &  he couldn’t bear that. He hugged her and said things are fine now & that he is here now.
But days later he called her &  asked her to make her life a little less of him & more of other stuff. With a crack in her voice she lied that she has moved on from him long ago. There was utter silence for a few minutes both the sides. Breaking the silence he said “But I’m not breaking our friendship.”  She whispered to herself “God, why don’t you just accept the reality.?” They hung up. And she dint talk to him for a week.


He messaged her: You know you could just message me if you want to.
&& for the second time she lied to him again, replying back: I was really busy.
To which he replied: Oh. Okay.

She still wonders why he did that. He loved her. He Really Did but for some reason he never told her so. ❤

||.. His Smile .. ||

It’s true some where in the middle of an ordinary life LOVE give you a fairytale.. It’s a feeling you never felt before..  It’s the touch that makes you feel “perfect” even when you are in your night suit or just finished you day at the gym. For me, LOVE HAPPENS JUST ONES! Rest is just ordinary life.


I remember my crazy-in-love days. Learnt how to make up reasons for not attending classes or getting an F for a test. I learnt that being in his arms was the best place to be. I learnt how to change yourself when he doesn’t likes one of your habits. I learnt the feeling you feel when he upsets you for no reason just to kiss you and make it up to you. I learnt that a little HUG could do wonders to your imaginations. I learnt how to lie about why you were sleepy in the early classes. I learnt how a little whisper in your ear could give you chills. I learnt how sharing a single thought could become so important. I learnt how buying gifts and how his likes and dislikes were the main concerns. I learnt how even a little cough could make you worry about the other.

This is all that changes a girl. It’s the thing that makes the girl go weak in her knees when all he does is just smile. Damn. ❤

||.. Where do broken hearts go? .. ||

The thing here is, I’m a little eff’d up. Everyone here is all against me. Life is a little more than just messed up. Everyone has lost their trust in me. I don’t know what to do. All my friends have backed down on me. There’s no one standing by my side right now. 😟 I am all alone.
I don’t know what to do.


That’s the little message from my cyber friend,who has been dealing with a lot in her home right now. Her cousin messed up her life. And I was wondering how many others are there, who can’t even tell these sort of things to anyone. No one to share their sorrows to. It’s so sad if you think it this way. I know how it feels when you are sad and there is no one to talk to. All you want is someone to just sit there by your side, hold your hand, and just listen. That’s pretty much it you know. We just need someone who is willing to listen to us. No matter how crappy or non sense it sounds. They are just there right by your side wanting to make things right. And be there to wipe your tears if you start to cry over your messed up life.
Just a piece of advice :
Maybe you need to stop judging people by how happy they look on the outside and if you are so much into knowing what their life is like,  spend a day with them and know them better. It could help them and you too.

Its kinda scary you know, how everyone is having a whole other universe fighting a war inside themselves and you might not know it. Not now, not ever.

||.. Pretending ..||

She fell for him.  But he was just pretending.

She dreamt of him every single night. But he was just pretending.

She wanted him & only him.


But he was just pretending.

She missed him. But he was just pretending.

She loved him to pieces. But, oh well,  he was just pretending. 💔

||.. Just this thing..||

All I have are the way things go
I don’t know
I just don’t know
Make up some simple lies
And compromise
How I live

’cause either way I’ll break your heart someday
But leaving you is the last thing on my mind
So when I go
baby kiss real slow so I don’t forget to make my way back home
When I go!

                                                                                                     – Augustana  (Either way, I’ll break your heart someday)